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Who are we

The Shed is registered with Fair Trading as Blackheath Area Men’s Shed Incorporated and operates under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act 2009 and a written constitution.

The Shed is affiliated with the Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA), who provide insurance and support & guidance.


A member elected board administers the Shed and meets once a month. An Annual General Meeting is held in December, where board members are elected for a term of two years. Any financial member can stand for the board by filling in a nomination form and presenting it to the Secretary before the start of the AGM.

Member meetings are regularly held to which all members are invited. The purpose of these meetings is:

  • To inform members about what is happening in the Shed.

  • To consult with members on issues of Shed interest.

  • To provide a forum for member to raise ideas and suggestions.

Health & Welfare

Blackheath Men’s Shed has adopted a welfare support policy that ensures that members can reach out to get the support that may be required from time to time. 

Voluntary Work Support

The Shed is registered with Centrelink as an approved organization participating in the voluntary work program. Members can use the Shed as an opportunity for voluntary work. Please raise your interest with one of the board members if you have a need for this program.

Code of Conduct

The Shed has a written code-of-conduct which members are expected to adhere to. The code is a common-sense document which covers the following broad areas:

  • Respect people, work as a team and value others.

  • Promote an environment that enables us to deliver benefits to our community

  • Be responsible in undertaking duties and activities by:

    • Recognising the importance of diversity and value and respect each other’s differences

    • Ensuring conduct is professional, respectful and collaborative

    • Treating fellow members, and the public with respect and in a non-discriminatory manner, with proper regard for their rights and obligations as well as their skills and talents


The Shed has zero tolerance of bullying, harassment, unlawful discrimination or any other offensive conduct. The Shed has a no alcohol policy and smoking is not permitted inside.

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